'Glee' Stars Share Behind-The-Scenes Tour Details


With their new movie and tour, everything seems to be going right for the "Glee" cast, but on Saturday we got the stars to dish on everything that's gone wrong during their "Glee Live! In Concert!" tour.

"I took a lot of bathroom breaks," Amber Riley confessed. "And I left my microphone in the bathroom a couple times."

"Towards the end of the run of the concert tour when we were in Europe we started tailoring it to what we wanted to do," said Lea Michele. "So sometimes I wasn't in "River Deep."... And then some days I just decided to run on."

We might see a little bit of that improvisation on September 18 as Jane Lynch will be serving as host to the Primetime Emmys, but the cast says that as of now they haven't been asked to assist Jane in her duties.

In the midst of rumors concerning a spinoff show and the announcement that some of the cast will be graduating from William McKinley High School at the end of this season, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer stressed that they want to focus on the new season of "Glee" and making it "just as good if not better than any other year."

For Amber Riley, the new year comes with new love.

"Mercedes has a new boo," said Amber. "I haven't met him but I'm excited."

The show writers did give Amber a short description for her mystery man: a beefy, athletic-type, who Chris Colfer joked would probably resemble him.

The third season of "Glee" premieres August 23 on FOX and 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' opens August 12.