Jake Tries to Make Peace with Vienna


The tension level was at an all-time high when Jake Pavelka was last to arrive at the Bachelor Pad mansion on Monday night's premiere episode. He tried to make light of the situation, jollily introducing himself to Kasey Kahl and complimenting his ex, Vienna Girardi, upon their reunion.

"You look nice," Jake kindly offered Vienna when he approached her. She would have none of this friendly outreach, sobbing and bad-mouthing her one-time fiancé behind his back. He also spoke man-to-man with Kasey to acknowledge the elephant in the room. "Given our rocky past, the only thing that I want for her and you guys as a couple is to be happy. I'm not in love with her anymore, but I'll always care and support you guys," he said.

The claws really came out during the first immunity challenge. The bachelors were dangling from a structure by a harness. Their partner bachelorettes had to hold on for dear life. As luck would have it, Jake/ Jackie and Vienna/Kasey were the final two couples left hanging. More than 35 minutes elapsed before Vienna reluctantly had to surrender the immunity to her arch-nemesis.

As the winner, Jake held a powerful rose in his hand to offer immunity to one other contestant. In a true war of the roses, Gia Allemand got stabbed with a thorn when her supposed ally Jake gifted the red petals to Vienna. Gia called this decision "dumb," while Kasey labeled him as a "master manipulator."

After the ceremony, Jake asked to speak privately with Vienna and her now serious boyfriend Kasey to find "closure" following the televised demise of his engagement. Pouring his heart out, Jake told Vienna, "I never pictured myself giving you another rose ever in my life. Vienna, a year ago we had something really special when we fell in love with each other. The great times were great and the bad times were really bad. I'm just going to be real honest in front of the man you love right now and get some things on the table. Vienna, I'm sorry that I raised my voice to you on TV… You don't talk to people like that that you love."

The recipient of the gesture, Vienna, confessed the encounter with her ex was "torture." She elaborated, "It literally made me sick…I think he's a phony robot. He has no real feelings. He's a complete monster. He's playing everyone like a fool and I think the real reasons that he's here is just to make my life miserable."

Many an alliance was formed and broken on the season premiere of Bachelor Pad. Jake tried to “swing” the vote to kick Kasey off. Scorned by Jake, Gia made an alliance with Kasey "because he's keeping me safe. He put himself on the line for me." She tearfully told Jake, "I thought we were partners." Both Gia and Kasey were saved from elimination. It was Justin "Rated R" and Alli, from Brad Womack's season of The Bachelor, that were knocked out of the ring.

The race to $250,000 on Bachelor Pad continues next Monday on ABC.