The Ups and Downs of Hollywood Weight Battles

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From Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Hudson to Valerie Bertinelli, ET is breaks down the public weight struggles of some of Hollywood's brightest stars. 

Simpson is probably one of Tinseltown's best examples of a celebrity battling weight in public. She was viewed as super skinny in The Dukes of Hazzard in 2005, and then in 2009 was seen parading around a stage in those infamous high-waisted "mom jeans." At the time, the singer made few excuses for her weight fluctuation, but recently she's been slimming down before her anticipated wedding to NFL star Eric Johnson later this year. 

Bertinelli admits she's been a yo-yo dieter most of her life, starting even before she landed her breakthrough
role as thecherub-cheeked Barbara Cooper on the hit '70s sitcom One Day at a Time. But the Hot in Cleveland star now credits Jenny Craig with helping her drop 40 lbs and her famous bikini photo taken after the weight loss continues to inspire others.

It's been a long journey for Hudson
-- an Oscar and Grammy winner -- who began by dropping 60 pounds way back in 2003 to get to a size 10 for her shot at American Idol. She then fluctuated for years but in 2010 became the spokesperson for Weight Watchers and worked her way down to a size six. Today she's happy with her body, but she also remains aware of the constant pressure in Hollywood to be thinner and thinner. 

Carnie Wilson has fought her weight loss battle for years and she recently put her weight at around 200 pounds. In 1999, the then 300-pound singer and TV personality underwent bypass surgery and got down to a size six. But she learned she could not shed all the pounds of two pregnancies. Admitting that she loves food, but not exercise, Carnie sought help from VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and Dr. Oz. But she now thinks that staging her battle in the public eye may have caused new problems.