A Kids' Beauty Pageant Turns Ugly on 'CSI: Miami'


ET exclusively gained access to the CSI: Miami set during the taping of the next episode where the team uncovers the ugly side of children's beauty pageants.

In the episode, a contestant's mom is murdered and everyone is a suspect -- even the children.

Series regular Adam Rodriguez delivered a harsh message to real-life pageant parents, saying, "I think this is, like, one of the sickest things that's allowed to go on in America ... I think it's disgusting. If you want a doll, buy a doll. Let your kid be a kid."

While Adam's costar Eva La Rue agreed with his sentiments, she also acknowledged that some kids just have a calling.

"These two kids, in this episode when you see it, they are phenomenal," gushed Eva, who went on to rave that one of the little girls would win an Oscar in the future.

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