Cowell Likens Crow's Future to Jennifer Hudson's


For every Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, a Jennifer Hudson rises from the flames and no one knows this better than former A.I. judge Simon Cowell. 

As Rachel Crow's elimination came as a shocker to most, the surprising turn of events brought back memories of Simon's Idol Days, wherein a competition loss did not necessarily predict one's success.

"Seeing that happen before with someone like Jennifer Hudson, sometimes when you go out like this, in a weird way it goes in your favor," said Simon after the show. "She was incredible tonight. Incredible people get work and they get success, but you gotta have that steel... She's got steel, this girl."

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Paula, who is also a former Idol judge, seemed to be on the same wavelength, comparing the young talent to another A.I. "reject" who didn't make the cut but "hasn't done so bad" in his career-- Chris Daughtry.

While the wounds of last night's elimination are still fresh for 13-yr-old Crow, she concedes the loss is "just what God had in store" for her. "I loved getting up there and just letting my light shine to everyone in the world."

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The X Factor semi-finals begin next Wednesday on FOX.