'American Idol': Who's Going to The Finals?


'American Idol': Who's Going to The Finals?

At long last, American Idol has chosen its final two contestants. If you don't want to know who was eliminated, read no further!

VIDEO: Jessica Sanchez Reacts to Near 'Idol' Elimination

Last night Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips took to the stage to prove they have what it takes to become our next champion and after performing an unprecedented three songs each, one talented singer would make their exit from the competition.

Lisa Marie Presley and Adam Lambert distracted from the night's eventual cut with songs from their new albums, Storm & Grace and Trespassing, respectively. In the end Ryan Seacrest revealed that after nearly 90 million votes, America had chosen to do away with Joshua Ledet, who predictably took the news like a champ.

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Ledet said his goodbyes with hugs all around as he sang his final tune, It's a Man's World, on the illustrious stage.

Tune in next week to see Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips compete for Idol glory, next Wednesday on FOX.