Exclusive Video - Inside HBO's 'Newsroom'


Three of Aaron Sorkin's four television shows have revolved around the inner workings of a television show -- but even when he took audiences inside The West Wing, the one constant was his interest in showcasing the family you're forced into through professional means.

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"I really like writing about workplace families and people who are very good at their jobs and love their jobs and come together as a team," Sorkin says in an ETOnline exclusive sneak peek at his new HBO series, The Newsroom.

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The show, premiering June 24 at 10 p.m., doesn't just share DNA with Sports Night and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, it marks the next step in his storytelling evolution since Sorkin previously relied heavily on metaphors to draw parallels between the fake show's politics and the real world's politics.

Here, the artifice has been stripped away, allowing the opinions to be doled out in an incredibly straight forward manner. Undoubtedly this will turn off some viewers, but as The Newsroom's mother hen, Mackenzie MacHale (played infectiously by Emily Mortimer), says in the pilot, when it comes to viewers, it's quality over quantity.

And once you check out the triumphant series premiere, you'll undoubtedly be lining up to make the minority, the majority.