Gilles and Peta Define Sex Appeal


Gilles Marini and his professional dancing partner Peta Murgatroyd have been heating up the Dancing with the Stars dance floor for weeks, and now as they head into Fusion Week, the two revealed what fuses them together during their dances.

Although the good-looking dancing pair garners plenty of attention for its sex appeal, the two revealed that although they appreciate being nominated as this season's sexiest dancing duo, they try not to capitalize on their appeal.

"We're just going to keep to be just naturally who we are," said Marini when asked how he and his partner plan to maintain their sex appeal this week. "I think what sex appeal is about is not bringing any sex appeal."

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His partner, who joined the show in its thirteenth season and won the fourteenth season with football player Donald Driver earlier this year, elaborated that exuding sex appeal relies on an authentic chemistry between dancing partners.

"I think it's the chemistry that you can produce between one another," the Australia native said. "If you go over the top and try and be sexy then that's when it just goes corny and terrible."

Although their sex appeal may help steer all-important fan votes their way, Marini and Murgatroyd are still feeling the heat--not from the dancing chemistry between them but from the prospect of the singe of elimination.

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This being Dancing's first All-Stars season, the talent on this season has been more intense than any of its predecessors, which has made eliminations all the more nerve-wracking for the dancers. That sense of anxiety is only heightened after Sabrina Bryan was eliminated last week following a dance that earned her a perfect score.

"Seeing Sabrina go home so early in the competition when she was so amazing with three tens--it's definitely nerve-wracking going into the next week 'cause anybody can go home," Mugatroyd said.

"There's a lot of pressure on the professionals, more than even the celebrities this year," Marini added. "They all want us to have tens...and make us do really well. It's half and half, as much professionals as celebrities. It's a very interesting season."

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