Harrison: Sean Is Most Sincere 'Bachelor' Ever


As The Bachelor gears up for its 17th season premiere this Monday, host Chris Harrison is already giving new bachelor Sean Lowe one of his highest praises ever.

"He's great -- he is kind of a throwback to what the show was made for. It's finding that diamond in the rough, that guy that if it weren't for The Bachelor, you would never know in America," he says at the unveiling of The Palazzo Rose at The Palazzo Las Vegas. "I mean, if you put a star and a cape on this guy he's Captain America for crying out loud -- but with better abs even. And yes, he will have his shirt off a lot."

Video: Sean Lowe's Steamy 'Bachelor' Debut

And the compliments didn't stop there.

"He's maybe the most sincere guy we've ever had on the show," he says about the 29-year-old insurance agent from Dallas, Texas looking for love.

Harrison also dishes on his experience officiating the nuptials between Bachelorette success story Ashley Hebert and new husband J.P. Rosenbaum, who married on December 1 in Pasadena, California.

"Ashley and J.P.'s wedding was amazing," he says about the televised affair. "I was really honored to be a part of it ... it was a great day, a great party, but at the end of it all I just wanted it to be a great wedding, and so I don't think it was a great TV show or a great production -- it was [just] a good wedding."

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Check out the video to hear what Harrison has to say about the amazing success of the long-running Bachelor series, and its place in pop culture.

The brand-new season of The Bachelor starts January 7 on ABC.