'Two and a Half Men' Creator: Angus' Coming Back


Angus T. Jones has grown up on Two and a Half Men, beginning the show at age 10 over nine years ago. However, a recent outburst against the show had many wondering if he would continue on with the show for the remainder for current season. Nevertheless, creator Chuck Lorre assures that Jones is still on the show.

At Wednesday night's People's Choice awards, ET's Rocsi caught with Lorre on the red carpet before the show and discovered the good news for Two and a Half Men fans.

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"[Angus] is coming back Monday," Lorre revealed, then elaborating on the show's next shoot. "We're shooting the next episode. He's back [with a] wonderful story with his new girlfriend, an older woman played by Jaime Pressly."

Lorre said that although he was slightly taken aback by Jones' comments, he nevertheless wanted to keep Jones and his character on the show. The writer, director, and producer who also created Mike & Molly and The Big Bang Theory said he understood Jones' basic feelings.

"He's part of the show. He's part of our family; we love him," he said. "[I] can't really disagree with him--the show's kind of filthy. What he said wasn't wrong. It might have been indiscrete but we aspire to [create] funny filth, so what are you going to do?"

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