LL Cool J's Ballet Secret Revealed?


While consistently juggling multiple TV and music projects, NCIS: Los Angeles star LL Cool J still manages to have fun at work. ET's Rocsi Diaz recently caught up with LL and his co-star Renée Felice Smith, who revealed that one way the rapper unwinds on the set is by trying out new ballet moves!

"He's great -- he's got an infectious spirit and I support that," Renée said about working with LL. She then confessed that the two sometimes "have a little dance break" between scenes. "He's a mover and I'm a tapper, so sometimes we trade moves," she said, adding that LL "has a lovely port de bras (ballet move)."

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When asked about his tip-toeing talent, LL jokes that he's working hard to master new moves. "Yeah, I've been freelancing, I've been moonlighting doing ballet every weekend, that's my new thing," he said. "I was going to come out with it next week, but since she (Renée) scooped it, yeah. I actually have a leotard on under here, with the ballet slippers -- go LL, go LL!"

You can check out LL and Renée in an all-new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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