Amy & Adam Return to TV For 'Greatest Event'


Ever wonder what on-screen husband and wife Amy Poehler and Adam Scott's relationship is like when Parks and Recreation is finished filming? In Scott's new Adult Swim special, The Greatest Event in Television History, we see the co-star's chemistry in a different light.

In a mockumentary-style behind-the-scenes look, the Parks and Rec star's don't seem too thrilled to be working with each other again, with Scott calling it a "challenge."

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The on-screen couple recreate shot-for-shot, the opening credits to '80s cop series Simon & Simon, which starred Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers who play a married couple that moonlight as detectives, in a show they refer to as Hart & Hart.

Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sans seems to be stuck in the middle of his co-stars, with Poehler saying of Scott, "The great thing about working with someone you know is that you know all of their tricks so you're never surprised. It creates a mutual sense of trust and complacency."

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Check out Poehler and Scott as they "search for truth" in their new, hilarious spoof.