'The Bachelorette': One Flees, Two Get the Boot


Munich, Germany didn't prove as romantic as expected for Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock after one suitor's abrupt exit and an extremely awkward two-on-one date shake her confidence in the entire competition.

On Monday, Desiree and her remaining eleven jetted off to Europe to begin the international leg of the show. Shy Mortgage Broker Chris Siegfried was gifted with the very first one-on-one—a date that consisted of taking in the sights and sounds of the picturesque city.

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Meanwhile, a frustrated Bryden Vukasin (who previously voiced concerns about his un-blossoming relationship with the woman of the hour) decided he would interrupt Des and Chris' romantic date to announce his exit from the competition.

Needless to say, the news left Desiree feeling blindsided and emotional, but Chris took the opportunity to reassure his date of his good intentions and recite a sweet, self-written poem which earned the suitor a stem.

Up next, the rest of the men (aside from Michael Garofola and Ben Scott, who would later participate in a two-on-one date) took to the slopes for a group outing. Though the collective date was a fun one, Bryden's exit weighed heavily on Des' mind. In the end, hunky contestant Brooks Forester managed to lift her spirits, and earned a rose for his efforts.

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When time came for the dreaded two-on-one, Michael and Ben were quick to clash horns and made the date as awkward as possible.

While the outing began somewhat peacefully with the three coasting along in a hot-tug (or hot tub tug boat), by dinner time, Michael was eager to prove that Ben wasn't on the show for the right reasons, seeing the dinner date as the perfect time to interrogate his rival. Unfortunately, his strategy to badger Ben backfired, leaving a frustrated Des to confront Michael about his bad behavior.

In the end, Des forgave Michael for his actions and sent Ben home. Enraged, the until-now suave suitor decided to let his true colors show in the limo ride to the airport.

"You guys better be really careful on who (expletive) makes it in," he spat. "You're not going to have a Bachelor. You guys missed out. The single dad from Texas."

Markedly less heartbroken, he inquired, "How long do I have to wait before I can be seen in public with somebody? Because I don't wanna wait."

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Feeling confident about who she wanted to send home next in Munich, Desiree forwent the cocktail party before this week's final rose ceremony, and promptly laid the axe down on Mikey Tenerelli.

Taken by surprise, he expressed disbelief in her decision as he was sent packing early in the night.

"She's never going to know the person who missed out on," said Mikey.

Tune in to an all-new Bachelorette next week when Desiree and her final eight jet off to Barcelona, Spain!