Kirsten Storms Talks 'GH' Baby-Daddy Drama

Kirsten Storms Talks 'GH' Baby-Daddy Drama

Will Maxie Jones ever get the chance to reveal the father of her baby without being interrupted? Kirsten Storms sure hopes so!

Storms, whose Port Charles alter ego has been carrying around the secret paternity of a child said to be the unborn baby of a pal, confessed to ET during ABC's Summer TCA Press Tour that she is starting to feel like the truth will never come out, thanks in part to her fellow cast mates who keep ruining the moment.

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"It's been hard for me to play that almost-telling moment like 50 times," she said. "That's been kind of a challenge."

And it seems the actress isn't alone in her frustration. Storms says fans have created a game out of guessing who next will stop Maxie from letting the father's name slip.

"We had fan club weekend just recently and some of the viewers were saying that they have, like, a game now going when they see Maxie's getting into the conversation where she's gonna say Spinelli is the father. They guess who it's going to be who interrupts the scene this time. It could be like a drinking game or something."

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Though it's all fun and games now, Storms doesn't see this situation ending well for her character.

"I think it's going to play out terrible," she said. "There's no way she can be seen as being selfless in this situation just because she's lied so much."

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