Mama June Seeks Oversize Porta Potty for Ceremony


Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June admitted she was a little nervous organizing her Southern style 'commitment ceremony' with partner Sugar Bear. But in this sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode, we catch a glimpse of June trying to resolve one of her planning headaches -- obtaining an oversize portable toilet to accommodate her hungry guests.

"Like any other event that I've ever put together, as long as you have food, people will come," says June, adding, "and you know when people eat, they got to sh**."

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June explains that the outdoor facilities are necessary so her party guests won't "mess her facilities up," but when inquiring with a company about porta potty specs, she seems puzzled that it seems complicated. "So they have a weight limit? 'Cause really… the porta potties ain't nothing but a five-gallon bucket with a lid on it."

Watch the clip for a preview of the episode, in which June also reveals budget-saving measures such as repurposing old thank-you cards into party invitations. "They'll never know the difference, they're just gonna come," she explains.

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