'SYTYCD' Week 8: Cast Names Biggest Inspiration


In what was another blur of emotion on So You Think You Can Dance, the top 8 were asked to name their biggest inspirations in their dance journey and so I turned the question to the judges and all-stars, who choreographed and partnered the finalists this week.

"Even before I worked with [Lady Gaga] she's always inspired me in the sense of being able to be who I am," all-star Mark Kanemura said of his former boss. "And that's what I truly admire and appreciate about her and being able to work with her."

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Guest judge and former dancer, Jenna Elfman sited some of her comedy heroes as major influences in her career.

"Lucille Ball, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman [and their] total willingness to be a fool," Jenna remarked.

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For the Dharma & Greg star the most memorable routine of the night was Travis Wall's contemporary with Amy. She also made a point to congratulate the Emmy-nominated choreographer on his beautiful contemporary number for Tucker and all-star Robert.

"My brother's been through some hard times and [the piece was about] our family and all of the friends that helped him through it... it's everyone who came to his rescue," Travis cleared up about the inspiration for the dance. "Really he has a second chance at life and not many people are given that opportunity."

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Watch the full video above to see eliminated couple Jenna and Tucker adorably pitch two of the biggest artists in pop music for a job as a backup dancer!