Clip: What It Takes To Be A 'Ninja Warrior'

Clip: What It Takes To Be A 'Ninja Warrior'

The Las Vegas strip is home to a lot of incredible sights, but perhaps none as impressive as the obstacle course set up for the American Ninja Warrior finals.

The course, modeled after the Japanese Ninja Warrior course Mount Midoriyama, is a massive four-stage endurance test that pushes every physical ability to it's limit. From having to scale impossible walls to balancing on rolling beams, contestants will have to face every kind of obstacle imaginable.

The competition is heating up as the top finishers from American Ninja Warrior's region finals all come together to tackle the toughest challenge the show has ever assembled.

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And what is the prize at the end of the road? The winner will take home $500,000, along with the coveted title of the "American Ninja Warrior."

Check out the video for more from the contestants and the hosts -- including what it takes to be a serious challenger, and what the finalists will have to face when scaling the American Mount Midoriyama!

The second part of American Ninja Warrior's Las Vegas finals airs September 2, at 8 p.m. on NBC.