'Walking Dead' Creator Teases Season 4 Secrets

'Walking Dead' Creator Teases Season 4 Secrets

The Walking Dead season four is creeping up faster than a hungry zombie on a hot Atlanta day, and who better than the creator of the comic book series and executive producer of the AMC phenom, Robert Kirkman, to tease what to expect come October 13?

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"Zombies -- there's lots of 'em," jests Kirkman to ETonline about delivering specific spoilers about the upcoming season. He adds more seriously, "There's a new threat on the horizon and it's probably more deadly than anything they've faced thus far, and so as rough a time as the characters have had thus far, season four's going to be rougher."

As for Michonne's (played by Danai Gurira) vengeance following her near-death at the hands of the ruthless Governor (David Morrissey), Kirkman explains, "More than anyone else, she's very affected by the death of Andrea (Laurie Holden), and she's driven to find this guy and bring him to justice, and the fact that he's still out there in the unknown doing god knows what is really driving her crazy. And so her, more than any other character, is obsessed with finding him and making him pay."

As a comic book, The Walking Dead celebrates its 10-year-anniversary this year, and Kirkman weighs in on the longevity of the show – and if there is a master plan to wrap this all up in the TV version.

"Not right now," he says honestly. "I mean, we're happy to go into season four. We're hoping that it continues doing well. Hope to see a season five, a season six, a season 20. Who knows how long it'll run?"

As for a resolution plan, he declares, "I do think that when the show does wrap up there will be a really cool resolution and people will be satisfied that they've gone on this journey; it's not going to be a thing that just kind of tapers off and ends in an unsatisfactory way."

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The Walking Dead season four premieres October 13 on AMC.

Watch below for a new season four trailer and a video tour of the season four set with Robert: