Cat Deeley's Least Favorite 'SYTYCD' Moment

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As backed by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley has become one of the elite hosts on television, but that doesn't entail that she's immune to sticky situations.

Deeley, who is nominated for her third-straight Emmy for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program, sat down opposite So You Think You Can Dance producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe for's "Nominee Spotlight" series in advance of this Sunday's 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.

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After asking her what she thinks of her nomination, which she said she never thought she'd receive when she began hosting, Lythgoe asks Deeley if there was a moment she could remember in which things had fallen apart and she had to resurrect the situation with improvisation.

The 36-year-old host recalls an instance in which the judges hadn't chosen which contestant they wanted to eliminate during the commercial break, which left Deeley hanging when the show returned live.

"Can you imagine? Being live on air [and that happening]? We didn't have a backup plan," Deeley recounts to Lythgoe, a producer of American Idol as well through Season 12. "So, I heard people swearing and saying terrible things in my ear. I went, 'Right! OK, no one's going home; so, um, would you like to see their solos again?'"

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Although it wasn't the most ideal situation, Lythgoe praises Deeley for her ability to think quickly on her feet, which is why he thinks she deserves this year's Emmy, which would be her first ever. The show is also nominated for an additional six Emmys, including Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Lighting Design, and the prestigious Outstanding Reality-Competition Program award.

Being stranded on air may be an experience she vividly remembers for its rarity, but it's not her most memorable, or at least her most cherished. As she reveals in the video below, her most precious SYTYCD memory came through Travis Wall's transformation into a choreographer.

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Watch the video below to hear Deeley and Lythgoe reveal things that people don't know about them, and follow ETonline this Sunday forfull coverage of the 2013 Emmy Awards.