Joel McHale's 'Getaway' - Exclusive Video


One of the biggest celebrity perks is traveling, although nearly every star will tell you that they rarely see anything aside from airports and hotel rooms when they go abroad. So the Esquire Network's new show, The Getaway, is giving them the chance to see the sights while on the clock!

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Every week, the 10-episode series explores a new city with a new celebrity and reveals their favorite haunts. Joel McHale is featured in tonight's debut and ETonline scored an exclusive clip from his trip to Northern Ireland!

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Future installments will allow you to see the world with Aisha Tyler (Paris), Eve (Jamaica), Aziz Ansari (Hong Kong) and Rashida Jones (London) among others. So put down your passport and prepare to experience the A-list travel experience from the comfort of your couch!

The Getaway
premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on The Esquire Network.