'Mindy Project' Cast Picks Their Favorite Episodes


In season two, The Mindy Project has finally stopped playing Russian Roulette with its cast, and with the addition of Adam Pally (not to mention Xosha Roquemore) the Fox comedy has finally landed on the perfect permutation of performers and created TV's most charming ensemble. And while the actors always work best as a group, the cast has proven time and again to be as charismatic in smaller groups, like Jeremy & Danny's DMV date or Betsy's Bible Study Group.

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With the show firing on all cylinders in season two, and coming off their best episode to date (Wiener Night!), ETonline hit up The Mindy Project set to see which upcoming episode the cast is most excited for you to see!

Mindy Kaling

We have an episode called You've Got Sext coming up that I'm really excited about. You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies, and I've been wanting to do an episode that tackles technology and dating. I wrote it from a very farcical place while thinking of Frasier, which is one of my favorite shows, ever. So if anyone thinks of Frasier while watching it, I'll be so happy.

Ed Weeks

I'm really excited for Sk8r Man. Not at least because it features Timothy Olyphant as this 40-year-old skater, but we meet Jeremy's dad played by Alan Dale. He shows up at the office and is very British and stern and authoritarian, but loves Adam Pally's character. That's exactly the kind of son he wishes he had: an American frat boy, as opposed to this slightly pudgy lily-livered doctor.

Xosha Roquemore

I'm excited for Bro Club for Dudes -- it shows a different side to Tamara. A less zingy, sassy side. She's more of a complete character because we delve deeper into her personal life, and meet her boyfriend Rayron, played by Josh Peck. They've been together for 20 years, which is crazy -- since first grade. She's the smarter person in that relationship, so she can't be a hot crazy mess with him, because he's so crazy. I love that she's more of the grounded one in the relationship. I mean the things I say about him are so insane. Like, "He read scary fortune cookie and needs me to come home."

Chris Messina

There's an episode coming up where Mindy and Danny spend the night together [You've Got Sext]. It was a really fun episode to do, and incredibly written. I think they're great friends who have a real love for each other. Certainly Danny doesn't know how much he actually loves Mindy, but I think he does love her, despite the fact she drives him crazy. I'm curious what will happen to the two of them.

Zoe Jarman

We just did the table read for our Christmas episode [Christmas Party Sex Trap] and that's going to be really fun. Any holiday that Betsy can celebrate with other people is a big day for her. There's a lot of group scenes, and holiday episodes are always so warm and merry, but there's some cool, different sequences in ours that I think will be interesting for the audience.

Ike Barinholtz

We have an episode I co-wrote with my partner called Mindy Lahiri is A Racist. It's kind of our episode where we deal with some racial issues, but at the heart of it is a story about Mindy and Tamara's friendship. The outer layer is all set off after Danny gets a good review from one of his patients on her blog, which is called WhiteMommy.com. It's an Aryan, white power blog for mothers and all of a sudden it turns into a full-blown race riot.

The Mindy Project
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