'Undercover Boss': Piece of Chaos on Conveyor Belt


Some things are easier said than done, which an undercover boss discovers the hard way when his "piece of cake" assertion is anything but fulfilled when he's working on the conveyor belt.

In the sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Undercover Boss, Mike Bloom, president and COO of discount retail company Family Dollar Stores, takes on the seemingly simple task of flipping boxes passing by on a conveyor belt.

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However, as he quickly discovers, the job is anything but a piece of cake and he finds himself overwhelmed as he scrambles to flip the boxes before they pass him.

To add insult to injury, his "superior" taunts him and makes him eat his words while he races to perform the duty he thought would be a cakewalk.

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While it's only Mike's ego that's injured on the conveyor belt, he also puts himself and another worker in physical danger when he recklessly drives a forklift.

Check out both of the clips above and watch it all on Undercover Boss tomorrow at 8 p.m. on CBS.