'The Price Is Right' For 'DWTS' Pro Cheryl Burke


Cheryl Burke might be the pro on Dancing With The Stars, but when it comes to The Price Is Right, Drew Carey is the king. So when the gorgeous dancer guest-starred as a Price Is Right model, she was a little nervous, but Drew and the crew were quick to make her feel at home.

It's clear that the most exhausting part of Dancing with the Stars is the hours and hours of rehearsal and practice, but that's something Cheryl is used to. So what did she find to be the hardest part of being a Price Is Right model?

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"I didn't realize how exhausting smiling is," the 29-year-old pro dancer told ET after shooting her episode. "I don’t know how Drew does it. He has to do two shows a day, then he comes and he has to rehearse with me all night."

And Cheryl did a lot of smiling, especially when modeling a brand new car!

It's easy to see that Drew and Cheryl have a great chemistry, but during ET's chat with the DWTS partners, Drew revealed what he liked most about his teacher.

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"What I like is that I know she's going for the best performance we can get, every week," said Drew, 55. "I really didn't want somebody who was going to go, 'Yeah, that’s good enough. Let's just do that.' We're trying to do the best we can every week on the show to stay in it as long as we can."

Cheryl Burke's debut as a Price Is Right model airs Monday, March 24 on CBS. Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.