Kirstie Alley on Why She Called 'The Bachelor' Juan Pablo a 'Jerk'


Kirstie Alley recently announced that she's returning to Jenny Craig as a spokeswoman, but in a recent chat with ET's Rob Marciano, the actress also spoke candidly about The Bachelor Juan Pablo and revealed her latest personal weight loss goals!

"Juan Pablo, come on. Because he's a misogynist -- he's just... he was just so... creepy," Kirstie explained about a previous Twitter posting in which she referred to Juan as a "jerk." "So I'm watching it and when they have the Bachelor at the end, you know, when after he'd chosen and he won't even say he loves her. What is wrong with you, Juan Pablo for Gods sakes?"

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When Rob suggests that this might just be a case of Juan being honest, Kirstie shoots back, "No, Rob, he's not being honest. You don't go on national TV.. .I could say I loved you Rob, is that being dishonest? I do love you Rob. Rob, I love you so much. He doesn't love her in any way, apparently."

Watch the video to also hear Kirstie's ideas on possible replacements for David Letterman and to hear her latest weight loss goals!