Exclusive Clip: Behind Aly's Return to Rosewood on 'Pretty Little Liars'


For how central she is to the storyline, we hadn't seen all that much of Aly on Pretty Little Liars before the ABC Family drama's most recent season. Now that fans know she's back, we've learned a lot more about Aly, her motives, and what she's been up to. In turn, we've seen a lot more of Sasha Pieterse, the actress who plays her.

In this exclusive clip from the Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fourth Season bonus features, the creatives behind the scenes at PLL reveal how they decided to handle Aly's return -- and it wasn't always easy.

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The mystery surrounding Aly's possible return after she'd been thought dead for years rocked the "liars" in season four and tested the limits of their relationships to each other. The stakes are raised even higher by the mysterious "Red Coat," what he or she means to the A-team, and what plans they have in store for the girls. For now, with Aly back in Rosewood, it seems like the "liars" are one stronger in their efforts to bring down the A-team and put their troubles to rest once and for all.

The Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-Ray and DVD includes all 24 episodes from season four, three new featurettes and more.

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