'Mom' Stars Reflect on the Comedic True-Life Series Being Honored by TV Academy


The CBS sitcom Mom broke new television by using comedy to deal with the serious societal problem of addiction and now the series is being honored by the TV Academy for its blunt portrayal of real-life situations.

"If we're patient, and we don't panic, we can find comedy in the darkness -- and maybe that's helpful, maybe that makes the comedy more worthwhile," series creator Chuck Lorre explains about the show in an interview in this exclusive video.

Mom - airing Monday nights on CBS -- follows Anna Faris' character Christy, a single mother of two who has struggled with her share of vices and now tries to get her life back on the right track while concurrently maintaining her sobriety and being a good mother. She happens to live with her own mom, played by Allison Janney, who struggles with her own alcohol addiction issues and never was a very good role model for her daughter.

VIDEO: Deathbed Confession on Emotional Season Finale of Mom

"For its insightful, inspiring reflections of real life, performed by
whip-sharp cast, Mom is a recipient of a 2014 Television Academy Honor
award," the TV Academy said on its website.  The Television Academy Honors is being held this Sunday, June 1 at the SSLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

"Chuck will cut a great joke in a heartbeat, if it at all interferes with the emotional journey. And it's tough sometimes, but it makes for a very satisfying end product," said Faris about the show's challenge balancing humor and healing.  "I'm so thrilled to have our show be recognized and honored, and especially amongst so many other amazing shows that they're honoring, and it's a huge compliment."

Added Janney: "I think it's a great tribute to Mom, I love that we're being honored and I think it's a tribute to Chuck Lorre and the writers for tackling these incredibly important issues."

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