Julie Chen Takes You Inside the New 'Big Brother' House


Big Brother is back! Summer's biggest reality series returns for its 16th season next week and ET's Brooke Anderson got a special tour of the new house from host Julie Chen.

The theme this season for the interior design of the Big Brother house is "urban tree house," something Julie hopes will inspire the house guests as they play the game.

"We want the house guests to feel like they were growing up and bring out the playful side," Julie explains. "It might also bring out the immature side."

Whatever side comes out, the house guests will be tracked by 100 microphones and 76 HD cameras, even in the shower. And after 16 seasons, the enduring reality series is still going strong with Julie Chen at the helm of the show since the beginning.

"Every year it's a new group of people where you get to see a new social experiment and new drama," Julie tells Brooke. "I always learn something about human nature and human behavior and sometimes about myself when I watch the show."

Watch the video to find out what fascinates Julie the most about the house guests and the game. And be sure to tune into ET tonight for a closer look inside the house.

Big Brother returns Wednesday June 25 on CBS.