EXCLUSIVE! 'Girl Meets World' First Look: Riley Meets Boy-And Cory is Not Happy!

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It's time for our girl to meet her boy!

Fans got their first taste of all the Girl Meets World deliciousness on the June 27 world premiere, but now it's time to dig in and really get to know the new Matthews family. This Friday (July 11) the Disney Channel series returns for their second episode, and it's sure bring up all kinds of nostalgic feels for the Boy Meets World lovers out there.

Step aside Cory and Topanga—it's Riley's turn to experience some first love sparks. When Cory tries to get his students to ditch their devices and share some face-to-face communication, his plan quickly backfires when Riley discovers that her crush on Lucas could be evolving into a romantic connection. Oooh-la-la!

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We're bringing you an early GMW sneak peek with three exclusive photos from the all-new episode, "Girl Meets Boy," and now we can't wait to stay at home this Friday night to watch Disney Channel. (Hey—don't judge.)

Creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs revealed to ETonline that although he is thrilled for fans to see the budding romance between Riley and Lucas, he is thrilled to explore the lesson of kids de-connecting from their devices.

"All of the issues that we dealt with in Boy Meets World were issues of that day," Jacobs said. "And for a long time I've wanted to do an episode about kids not knowing how to communicate anymore because the devices in their pockets have made it unnecessary to need to communicate."

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The show runner continued, "It's our second episode and we decided to handle that topic. We did it lightly and very funny, but there is so much truth in it and what happens to Riley during the arc of simply being separated from a cell phone is really eye opening."

Unfortunately for Cory, being separated from the distractions of her phone will lead Riley to open her eyes to a very handsome seventh grader. Not everyone meets their soul mate when they're in middle school, but considering she's Cory and Topanga's girl, you never know…

Take a look at all of our exclusive photos about and don’t miss the second episode of Girl Meets World this Friday, July 11 at 8:30 p.m.

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