EXCLUSIVE! 'The Strain': Guillermo Del Toro's New Breed of Vampires Will Make Your Skin Crawl!


It’s cringe-worthy. It’s cinematically stunning. And, yes, it’s about vampires.

But, wait—don’t roll your eyes just yet!

FX’s newest thriller series, The Strain, is brought to you by the uniquely twisted mind of big screen legend Guillermo Del Toro, so trust us when we tell you that these definitely are not the same glittery, romance-fueled vamps that have been flaunted in Hollywood over the past few years.

The Strain
, which premieres Sunday, July 13, explores a terrifyingly gruesome form of vampirism that is triggered by a parasitic plague which invades human bodies as their hosts. And by “parasitic plague,” we mean hundreds of thousands of leech-lick worms swimming throughout your veins, and drinking all of the blood from your body. They’ll make your skin crawl—literally.

However don’t let the gross factor deter you from tuning into this dark new drama. We caught up with the stars of the blood-sucking series, along with co-creators Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, at the series premiere red carpet to bring you absolutely everything you need to know about this twisted new breed of a classic horror monster.

Take a look at our interviews above for an exclusive look into the dark and deadly contagious world of The Strain. But we must warn you: You never look at vampires the same way again…

Don’t miss the series premiere of The Strain Sunday, July 13 at 10 p.m. on FX.

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