Hashtags, Vomitting and Flashing: The 17 Best Quotes From ABC's 2014 TCA Press Tour


In case you haven't heard, the Television Critics Association is currently in full swing.

Each day different networks trot out the casts of their new upcoming Fall TV pilots, introduce them to a ballroom filled with press, and encourage reporters to launch question after question at them for a average of 45 minutes. It's pretty much like a series' debutante ball—and it is absolutely exhausting for everyone involved.

However, as we all know, some of the most hilarious and random sentences that come out of our mouths happen at our most draining moments. Today we're taking a look at the casts of ABC's newest series—Selfie, How to Get Away with Murder, Black-ish, Forever, Manhattan Love Story and Cristela—and the best lines that came from each panel.

Read on to get to know the new stars of ABC through their craziest and most ridiculous quotes as they tried to explain their new series at Tuesday's TCA press tour…

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The Premise:
a comedy inspired by My Fair Lady tells the story of a self-obsessed 20-something woman who is more concerned with “likes” than being liked.

The Quotes:

“I basically just went down to SoulCycle and listened to all the girls,"—Scotland-native Karen Gillan revealed of how she perfected her character Eliza’s American accent.

"You want us to cut the vomiting?"—Kapnek asked one grossed out reporter who suggesting trimming the throw-up scene from the pilot. "Really, it’s true you have to really like vomit to enjoy that moment. But I do, I like a good vomit gag. Plus it was incredibly cinematic release."

"I’m absolutely in love with those actors. If there’s an opportunity to bring them in organically, I would love to,"—Kapnek gushed of bringing her old Suburgatory cast to Selfie.

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Manhattan Love Story:

The Premise:
A romantic comedy that exposes the unfiltered internal monologues of a young couple embarking on a new relationship in Manhattan.

The Quotes:
"This is not my first TCA, and I have to pee."—Star Jake McDorman confessed after being asked if this was his first TCA press tour and what he was thinking in that very moment.

"This is my first TCA, and I hope I'm not flashing you all right now."—Star Analeigh Tipton blushed after being asked the same question.

How to Get Away With Murder:

The Premise:
Shonda Rhimes' new sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller that centers on ambitious law students and their brilliant and mysterious criminal defense professor who become entangled in a murder plot.

The Quotes:
"We don’t consider a hashtag when we’re writing a title."—Shonda Rhimes snapped when press expressed frustration about How to Get Away with Murder’s lengthy social media hashtag.

"I wanted to do a character that took me out of my comfort zone,"—Viola Davis explained of her character Annalise DeWitt. "She's messy, she's a woman, she's sexy, she's vulnerable. I feel extremely fortunate that I'm alive and still active and that this role came to me at this point in my life."

"It remains to be seen. It hasn’t happened yet."—Rhimes curtly responded when asked about the impact of having two shows starring black women on American primetime TV.

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The Premise:
Cristela is an American Latina straddling two cultures while not fully belonging to either. She hopes to land a prestigious law firm internship as her mother hectors her about getting a real job, her brother-in-law encourages her to move out and her sister runs low on patience.

The Quotes:

"When it comes to expectations, I really try to not have any."—Star Cristela Alonzo said bluntly when asked what she expects viewers to think of her show.

"It's never a compliment when someone tells you, 'I used to watch you when I was little.'"—Star Carlos Ponce explained after Cristela admitted she used to watch him growing up.

"If you honor authenticity, you'll never go into the stereotype,"—Alonzo explained of avoiding classic Latino stereotypes on her series.


The Premise:
An upper-middle class black man struggles to raise his children with a sense of cultural identity despite constant contradictions and obstacles coming from his liberal wife, old-school father and his own assimilated, color-blind kids.

The Quotes:

"I'm glad to be out—as a mixed woman,"—Star Tracee Ellis Ross, who is bi-racial, but has only played black women on TV, remarks of finally getting to portray a mixed race woman. (Fun-Fact: Ross' parents are singer Diana Ross and music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein!)

"I'm not going to do a full season of 'Hannibal' this year, and I'm not going to do a full season of Black-ish, which will keep me free enough for both, to have fun and to contribute as best I can,”— Laurence Fishburne explained of his schedule for the 2014-215 TV schedule.

"This is a couple that actually loves, respects & appreciates each other"— Ross gushed of the refreshingly non-dysfunctional family dynamic on Blackish.

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The Premise:
Dr. Henry Morgan is New York City’s star medical examiner, but what no one knows is Henry studies the dead for a reason: He is immortal. With the help of detective Jo Martinez, the show peels back the layers of Henry’s colorful and long life through their cases.

The Quotes:

"It made me appreciate the fact that I had a muscle suit on as Mister Fantastic (in Fantastic Four)…I'm not getting younger, so there's a commitment to the cause that one has to make."—Ioan Gruffudd remarked on fact that his character's particular way of being reborn is buck naked.

“They told me I was going to be eaten by a shark. I said 'I'm in.'"—Judd Hirsch said of starring in Sharknado 2 in addition to his role on Forever.

"Nice!"—Star Alana De La Garza exclaimed after it was revealed that Loan Gruffudd’s character can indeed reproduce.

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