Sharknado 2 Bites Back with Huge Ratings and Breaks Twitter Records!


Apparently people just can't get enough of tornadoes filled with sharks.

Syfy's highly anticipated summer movie, Sharknado 2: The Second One, took a huge bite out of the ratings Wednesday night, and set a new record for the network.

The sequel, sucked in an impressive 3.9 million viewers into their vortex of sharks, chainsaws, and uber cheesy lines—making it Syfy's most watched original movie ever. These numbers are up 180 percent versus last summer's premiere of the original Sharknado, which scored an audience of 1.4 million.

The thriller comedy starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering even out-rated many broadcast biggies including CBS' Halle Berry drama, Extant, and Fox's So You Think You Can Dance.

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But that's not all! According to Syfy, Sharknado 2 scored 1 billion Twitter impressions. (Yes, that's billion, with a "B"!) A Syfy press release boasts that Sharknado 2 is "the most social movie on TV ever."

And get ready shark fans, because it's looking like we'll be getting Sharknado 3 nextsummer. "They’ve already green-lit Sharknado 3 and because it’s a television movie they can turn these around pretty quickly." Ziering spilled to Fox News. "It doesn’t make sense as a series, but as a summer event they’ll have a year of hype to build up to it and as long as the fans continue to want it… Syfy will continue to bring it. "

Did you watch Sharknado 2? Are you ready for the craziness of Sharknado 3? Sound off in the comments below!

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