Watch Jimmy Fallon Throw a Ball In Julia Roberts' Face


No A-lister is safe from Jimmy Fallon's shenanigans.

No A-lister is safe from Jimmy Fallon's shenanigans-- not even Julia Roberts.

In a new "simple" game called "Face Balls" that premiered on Thursday's Tonight Show, Fallon and his opponent Roberts sit down in their chairs and throw balls in each other's faces. The fun part of the game is that they rewind the tape and play it in super-slow motion.

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"You people are twisted," the 46-year-old actress said before Fallon lodged a beach ball at her face. "Wait. I'm kinda scared."

After Fallon apologized profusely, Roberts quipped, "I feel a Christmas card coming on."

We're still not sure the point of this game, but slowmo is always a good time.