EXCLUSIVE! 'Pretty Little Liars' Tyler Blackburn Teases Haleb's Hot (and Hilarious!) New Hobby


The good news: Caleb—and his hot new 'do—is officially back in Rosewood!

The bad? Ever since his dramatic return in Pretty Little Liars 100th episode, Caleb has been nothing but a brooding drunk mess of trouble. (Hey, we still love him—we're just being honest.)

So what's the deal with our favorite former Ravenswood resident? Not to worry, PLL fans—we caught up with the ridiculously sweet Tyler Blackburn at the Teen Choice Awards this weekend, and he spilled all the dark details of what's to come.

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Not only will Caleb finally open up to Hanna (Ashley Benson) "very soon" about his recent traumatic experiences, the 27-year-old actor also teased that fans will be seeing a "familiar face" from the ghostly town next door. (Fingers crossed it's Miranda!)

Plus, you'll never guess what adorably hilarious new activity Hanna and Caleb will be doing together. (Spoiler Alert: there will be plenty of sweat!) Take a look at our exclusive full interview with Blackburn above to get your PLL fix of the day, and find out Caleb's game-plan for this new "A".

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