'Chasing Life's Italia Ricci Reveals What's Next for April's Emotional Cancer Journey-Watch!


Secrets were spilled in tonight's Summer finale of Chasing Life—and now it's time to face the brutal repercussions.

And speaking of brutal, April (Italia Ricci) finally faced her chemo fears, and surrendered one whole month of her life to living in the hospital, in order to fight her vicious type of leukemia.

During her seemingly never-ending stay, relationships were tested, hearts were broken, and family skeletons were ripped out of the closet—and all of this was in addition to the horrific side effects that the chemotherapy unleashed on April's body and emotional well-being.

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However, the most gut-wrenching part of tonight's mid-season finale, (besides the tear-jerking hallucination scenes, of course,) was in the hour's final few seconds. After discovering Leo's parents frantically walking the halls of the hospital, April received a cryptic voice mail from her friend: "April, it's Leo. I have to tell you something really important..."

ETonline had already watched the emotional roller coaster of a finale when we caught up with Italia Ricci at the Teen Choice Awards this weekend, and when we playfully confronted the 27-year-old star with our cliff-hanger frustrations, she knew exactly what to say…

"I'm sorry!" The brunette beauty pleaded into our camera with a smile, "I don’t write the show, don’t get mad at me about it. I was as pissed off as you will be and as you will be or as you are."

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Not to worry, Chasing Life fans, we don’t have to wait until 2015 to find out what happens next because ABC Family is treating us to a special holiday episode! And Ricci teased that fans will get the answers we're craving right away. "The Christmas episode picks up right where we cut off so you'll know exactly what's happening next," she said.

Take a look at our full interview with the Chasing Life star above to find out what's coming next for the endearing drama, and the most heartbreaking side effect of playing a character with cancer. Plus, is Italia on Team Dominic or Team Leo?! You have to see her adorably sweet response!

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