Saved by the Bell: 25 GIFs to Celebrate Why We're Still Obsessed with Bayside!


All right class, listen up!

We all remember Saved By the Bell—aka the best '90s sitcom of all time.

But did you know it has been exactly 25 years since the cult classic series graced our TV screens with their sun-kissed cast?

Can you believe it?! That means Saved by the Bell premiered a quarter of a century ago!

Even though we now feel incredibly old, we're thrilled we were able to fall in love with some of the best characters in TV history. 

Especially the series' star Zack Morris, the ultimate dream boat. Seriously, just look at that smile!

He had that cell phone that we all DESPERATELY wanted...

And he grew up to be quite the blonde babe!

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Meanwhile, Slater was responsible for many girls' sexual awakenings…

Just look at that bod!

Together he and Zack formed the original TV bromance

On the other hand, Jessie was always a little intense…

But damn that girl could dance!

Just look at her go!

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And Lisa ALWAYS had the best clothes!

We learned a lot from Lisa about life's most important things. Like money.

Oh yeah, and there was Screech...

We try not to focus too much on Screech. He was such a spaz.

But most importantly, Saved By the Bell brought us Queen Kelly Kapowski

Every guy wanted to be with her, and every girl would do unspeakable things if they got the chance to be her. (Or at least push her down the stairs…)

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Together she and Zack were a perfect match, natch.

And yes, okay, Jessie and Slater was pretty great too...

But honestly, there's no denying that Zack and Kelly were the best couple of the '90s. (We're talking about you, Cory and Topanga!)

Speaking of the best, remember when Jessie, Kelly and Lisa made a music video?

It was EPIC!

(So random, but epic nonetheless...)

Or when Jessie got a little too excited about her addiction to caffeine pills?

And the summer beach resort episodes were flawless!

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We could seriously go on and on for days about how much Saved by the Bell influenced our childhood...

But we know you've got plenty of great episodes you need to go re-watch immediately!

So here's to you, Saved by the Bell!

Thanks for giving us a show we are still obsessed with 25 years later!

What's your favorite Saved by the Bell moment?! Share your picks and favorite .gifs in the comments below!