'The Simpsons' Kicks off 278-Hour Marathon


Every episode ever of The Simpsons will run back-to-back on FXX starting Thursday, Aug. 21, and we caught up with the show's cast and producers before the 278-hour marathon.

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In the 25 seasons that it's been on the air, The Simpsons' list of guest stars reads like a who's who of Hollywood. Everyone from Michael Jackson to Ricky Gervais to Paul McCartney has been immortalized on the animated comedy, but executive producer Al Jean told us that there was one person who refused to be featured on the show -- Jon Bon Jovi!

"Maybe it's because we covered him with spaghetti," said Jean. The episode called for the singer to be covered in spaghetti, as Bon Jovi's father has a line of tomato sauces called Bongiovi.

Even with the Jon Bon Jovi rebuffing, the show remains popular, and Jean filled us in on the secret to the show's success.

"Despite the fact that it's an animated property, the stories The Simpsons tell are very relatable," said Jean.