Fall TV Showdown: Which Show is the Ultimate Fan Favorite? Vote Now!


Let the Fall TV battles begin!

We are counting down the days until our DVR’s are once again jam-packed with our favorite heart-pounding shows. TV has never been better because these days there is a series for everyone to love. However, with that said, we still have one very important question: Which show is ultimate fan favorite?

In order to find out, it's time to vote in our Fall TV Showdown!

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We've hand-picked 32 of the most addictive TV shows -- both old and new! -- and painstakingly separated them into four categories: Supernatural Superstars, Fierce Females, Hero/Anti-Hero Worship, and Fabulous Freshman.

In this first round, each category features eight phenomenal shows matched against each other -- and it’s up to you to decide which series will continue to make the cut before being crowned the King (or Queen!) of Fall TV.

So how can you show your small screen devotion? Click on a pairing in our widget below (i.e. Scandal vs. The Good Wife) to open the voting window, and then click "VOTE" on which series you love more. (Warning: We've got some extremely tough match-up's in this first round, so we apologize for your future anxiety and stress.)

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Now let's just take a quick moment to go over the ground rules, m'kay? Rule No. 1: You will have four days to vote for the match-ups in each category before the round closes. Rule No. 2: You can only vote once a day per match-up – so you’d better choose wisely! And lastly, Rule No. 3: Be nice to your fellow TV fans.

We all know that when TV fandoms collide, the universe nearly explodes from too much character-loving passion. So when you take to the comments to talk about how pumped you are that [Insert Show Here] is "totes" going to win, let's keep the smack talk to a minimum.

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The polls on this round officially close at 7:59 a.m. PT on Monday, Sept. 14, so you know what that means, right? It's time to vote your little TV-loving hearts out, people! Check out the game below and don't forget to invite your friends fandom army to vote with you!

Which show do you think is going to crush the competition? Sound off in our comments below! And while you're waiting to vote again, click through our Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular to get exclusive scoop on your favorite shows!

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