Frankie Grande Defends Sister Ariana From Diva Rumors at 'Big Brother' Finale


It was a diva-off between siblings Frankie and Ariana Grande at the Big Brother 16 finale on Wednesday, and according to Frankie, he wins by a landslide.

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In light of recent headlines claiming that Ariana, 21, is a "diva," ET got brother Frankie's take on the matter.

"I'm the bigger diva hands down," Frankie, 31, said without hesitation. "Honestly, a diva is a very positive thing. It's the highest form of opera singer, so what's wrong with being a little bit of a diva?"

His self-proclaimed diva nature may not have served him well in the Big Brother house Frankie ended in fifth place, while Derrick took home the half-million-dollar grand prize.

"I was nowhere prepared for how difficult this was going to be," said Frankie. "It was one of the most stressful, physical and emotional rollercoasters I've ever been on in my entire life. No one can know what it's like in that house if you're not in it."

Probably the toughest part of being in the house was receiving news of his grandfather's passing.

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"That was one of the most difficult and hard weeks for me," said Frankie. "To experience losing the patriarch of my family and not being able to commiserate with my family was very difficult."

With family being such a big part of Frankie's life, he was ecstatic that his sister Ariana was one of the first faces he saw after leaving the house. He even told us how he thought she would fare on the show.

"She's a pretty tough cookie," said Frankie. "We come from pretty good stock, so I think she'd do pretty well."

Frankie, an openly gay man, became one of the more controversial members of BB 16 for his comments about lesbians. During a visit with the ladies of The Talk on Thursday, Frankie was given the opportunity to clarify statements seeming to suggest that men don't choose their sexual preference, but women do. Watch the video to hear him set the record straight.