'Once Upon a Time' Scoop! Plus, Who's the Best Diaper-Changer: Josh Dallas or Charming?


Out favorite spell-binding series is back!

Now that the beloved characters of Disney's mega hit Frozen, have invaded Once Upon a Time, our enchanted series feels rejuvenated, and it's time to explore brand new sides to the characters that we've known and loved for years.

In this Sunday's all-new episode, fans we be treated to a blast from Charming's past when we visit his teenager shepherd days on the farm. To help get you excited for all the magical revelations ahead, we chatted with the always-charming Josh Dallas to bring you details on how our favorite sword-wielding prince became the courageous man that Snow White fell in love with.

Read on for exclusive scoop on a twisted new villain, and unexpected friendship, and that insanely crazy wig we all can't stop talking about. Plus, find out who's a better diaper-changer: David Nolan or Josh Dallas!

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ETonline: First things first can we please talk about that amazingly awkward Fabio wig we've seen you sporting for this Sunday's episode?
Josh Dallas: It's my romance novel cover wig! [Laughs] I think it's pretty nice, and if you put a wind machine on me I'd be just like an enchanted forest version of Beyoncé.

Now that we're prepared to see your flowing mane, what will we be discovering in this Enchanted Forest flashback?
JD: Well, this is pre-Charming, or pre what we've seen him before. It's in his early life as a young man, so we open up with him on his farm and he has an encounter with Anna who has traveled from Arendelle to the enchanted forest on her quest to find out information about her parents. She comes across David who we discover has a connection with another important character from Arendelle and you'll find out who that is this Sunday.

How does Charming's encounter with Anna differ from his first encounter with Snow White?
JD: It's probably the most important friendship that he's had outside of Snow White. It helps saves the course of his life, and sets him on a path to become the hero that he later becomes. I think the character Anna is so pure and full of goodness and she sees something in David, and then she pushes him to wake up to his life, essentially, and stop running.

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How different is the Charming we know now versus the farm boy of his past?
JD: We learn throughout the episode that he was kind of conditioned to run from things, to hide, to bury his head and let the problem or whatever it is kind of slide over and everything will be okay. So Anna kind of forced him to wake up and face life, and she does it without expecting anything in return. Like I said, I think it's a really important relationship that he's had in his life so I'm excited for people to see the story.

We haven’t really seen much from shepherd Charming since season one, how was it stepping back onto that farm? Did the sheep miss you?
JD: I loved it! And yes, the sheep were still all good, they were hanging. And of course they missed me, they were wondering where I've been. Little Jake and Maria are my favorite sheep and they will make an appearance, and of course Bow Peep the shepherdess will also make an appearance.

Let me guess, the Once Upon a Time creators [Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] twisted this beloved nursery rhyme character into a villain, right?
JD: Yeah [Laughs] this is not the Bow Peep that we all think of. In Once Upon a Time she is a brutal, brutal, brutal warlord who shows David, his family, and their small farm no mercy whatsoever. So she is a dangerous individual who Charming is going to face up to.

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So while Charming is dealing with evil Bow Peep in flashbacks, what will be happening in Storybrooke in Sunday's episode?
JD: Well, Mary Margaret has to take over the leadership position as mayor of Storybrooke, so there's a lot happening there. She has to deal with that, as well as breast feeding, and changing diapers. And Elsa and Emma are together. Elsa is startled by Emma and sort of creates this ice palace around them, and Emma's life is in great, great danger. So David comes to her aid and kind of talks Elsa down off a cliff with the teachings that he learned from Anna, which is nice that he's kind of passing it back from her sister.

Speaking of changing diapers, who's a better diaper-changer: David Nolan or Josh Dallas?
Well definitely Josh Dallas because it's difficult with a sword to change the diaper. [Laughs] The sword kind of gets in the way of your elbow so you can't really get to flip around that left hand and come around the top — it's tough with a sword.

And what about your on-and-off-screen loves? Who is better: Mary Margaret or Ginnifer Goodwin?
JD: Both are totally unstoppable — They're like diaper changing machines!

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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