EXCLUSIVE! 'Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Talks 'Emotional' and 'Crazy' Season 5!


Grab your weapons and stay on your toes because TV's most gripping drama is almost back!

The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season this Sunday, Oct. 12, and after last season’s slow burn and mind-blowing cliffhanger in Terminus, we could not be more pumped for all of the crazed zombie drama crawling our way.

To help get you prepared for the action-packed premiere, ETonline caught up with star Norman Reedus — aka crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon, one of the most badass characters in TV history! Now that Reedus has addressed the rumors of Daryl's ambiguous sexuality, it’s time to focus on the "crazy" twists and turns fans will experience on this roller-coaster ride of a season.

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In addition to the traditional compelling story-lines and gut-wrenching deaths, this year The Walking Dead is also going to be delving into the more personal sides of our survivors. "It's been an emotional ride for all the characters this season, and you do get to see the build and fall a couple of times," Reedus said. "A lot of the characters interact this season in ways that we haven't seen before."

The 45-year-old actor also revealed that fans will also be treated to more of the Rick/Daryl bromance that we love so much. "[Rick] is definitely the brother that Merle wasn't, and I love being the Robin to his Batman," Reedus spilled. "[Andrew Lincoln] is a very good actor and he's one of my BFFs, so it's nice to see those two interact."

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When trying to survive a post-apocalyptic zombie epidemic, it's only natural to be weary of the half-dead creatures who are desperately trying to eat the flesh off your face. However, Reedus spilled that when the cameras aren't rolling on The Walking Dead's Atlanta-based set, it's easy to look past the gory details that the audience fixates on at home.

"You'll see a zombie eating Cheetos at the craft service line and you're like, 'Hey what's up?' and he's like, 'Oh hey you killed me last season — You stabbed me in the face!'" the actor revealed with a smile. The Walking Dead's nightmare-inducing zombies are perfected by Emmy Award-winning Greg Nicotero, the lead special effects make-up designer and executive producer of the series.

"One of the good things about how Greg and his team make those zombies is that you see the scared lost person behind the monster which makes it really creepy," Reedus explained before warning that fans should be prepared for some "crazy, crazy zombie stuff coming up" in season five.

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Take a look at our full interview with the Walking Dead star above to find out how much Daryl has changed from closed-off lonewolf of season one to the irreplaceable leader charging into season five.

Plus, you won't believe Reedus' jaw-dropping confession: "I'm not as cool as Daryl to be honest." (Editor's Note: We completely disagree. Norman is one of the only stars who can pull of the wearing-sunglasses-inside look. Case in point. Now that's cool.)

The fifth season of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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