The Naked Truth About All Those Naked TV Shows


Nudity seems to be the hottest trend on TV right now with shows like Naked and Afraid, Dating Nakedand Buying Naked reeling in the ratings, so we took a look at what happens behind the scenes of one of these shows.

"Every now and then there's a special show that breaks out and touches a nerve with America," said Naked and Afraid executive producer David Garfinkle. "That's really what Naked and Afraid has evolved into."

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Unfortunately, Dating Naked contestant Jessie Nizewitz couldn't say the same for her show. She's suing VH1's parent company Viacom for $10 million for allegedly leaving part of her body unblurred.

According to Jessie's attorney, behind the scenes "there is an understanding that is spoken between producer and the person on the show, yet the contracts are very different from what's expected."

Another contestant, Kristen Williams, defended the show saying, "We all knew what we were getting into when we signed up for the show. It says in the contract that we're going to be nude, we're going to be blurred -- the chest and the private parts -- but our butt is going to be showing. We knew what was going to be going on."

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