How to Dress Like the 6 Most Badass TV Characters for Halloween!


It’s almost Halloween, TV lovers.

But if you're like us (perpetually trapped in a TV coma,) chances are you're desperately scrambling to get your costume together.

Not to worry! We at ETonline have paused our DVR's long enough to create your go-to-guide for how to dress up as the most badass characters on TV. We’ve got a well-researched list of what to wear, what to say, and what to bring to that last-minute Halloween party you were invited to by your friend's roommate's cousin's girlfriend.

So put down that remote and read on for your step-by-step instructions for how to dress-up as a Walking Dead favorite, Scandal's DGAF first lady, a meat-loving Parks and Rec boss and more of the most badass characters on TV!

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The Character: Smelly Mellie From Scandal

What You'll Need: Listen carefully, Scandal fans—in order to achieve the Smelly Mellie, do not (we repeat, do not!) wash your hair. Grab your rattiest pj's, your fluffiest robe, and your Ugg boots because portraying the first lady in 2014 is all about comfort with just a touch of I-don't-care crazy. Bonus Points: If you carry around a card-board headstone for you to lean against when you get tired.

What to Bring: Although most people would expect First Lady Mellie Grant to bring only the finest hors d'oeuvres to a party, Smelly Mellie would bring an already opened box of cereal, a bag of chips and a bucket of fried chicken. (It's totally fine if the chicken has a few bites taken out of it.)

What to Say: Feel free to mutter to yourself about how much you love the fact that the White House will make you fried chicken at any hour of the night. You could also complain about how much Olivia Pope and your forever-cheating husband ruined your life in a thick southern drawl.

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The Character: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

What You'll Need: Run around the block about 19 times so you're nice and sweaty, then rub some dirt on your face/body to make it look as if you haven't taken a proper shower in 14 months. Rip off the sleeves of your favorite flannel shirt and pair it with a battered leather vest. Bonus Points: If you smear equal parts of blood, guts and zombie goo all over your clothes. (We're sure Amazon offers two-day delivery on guts)

What to Bring: Like any good party guest in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, make sure you bring plenty of extra arrows for your crossbow in case you need to protect the hostess from getting her faced mauled off by a walker.

What to Say: Not much. Daryl is a man of few words, but when you do decide to speak, make sure whatever you say is totally badass. (i.e: Shoot me again? You best pray I'm dead.)

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The Character: Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project

What You'll Need: Make sure you're well stocked on confidence and comebacks — there's no way you can pull off being Mindy without either. Now onto her drool-worthy wardrobe: Mindy always rocks the brightest of colors and the chic-est of bags. Be bold with your combinations, but still keep it on the conservative side — you don’t want to give away all the goods, ladies.

What to Bring: A open bottle of wine that you started drinking in the cab ride over and a good excuse as to why you forgot your appetizer. (Even though we both know you had absolutely no intention of ever bringing one.)

What to Say: Absolutely anything that comes into your mind. Mindy has no filter so feel free to just let it all out. Remember you're your own role model, so you can do no wrong. Bonus Points: If you can get the entire party to praise how good your butt looks in that dress after just 15 minutes of not-so-subtle hinting.

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The Character: Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural

What You'll Need: Grab your most badass bro and listen up! The best thing about embodying The CW's beloved hunters is that your wardrobe guidelines are pretty simple: Slip on some jeans, a dark colored t-shirt and maybe a jacket in case it gets cold out there chasing down demons. Most importantly you need to bring you’re A-game because a Winchester is always alert and armed with an amazing head of hair.

What to Bring: No matter what, roll up to the party in your Impala. If you don't have an Impala, shame on you. (All devoted Supernatural fans should have one, or at least a mini model that they proudly display on their desks.) So either rent one, borrow one, or steal one — we’re not judging, we just want you to have the most impressive Winchester costumes of all time.

What to Say: If you're bold enough to embody Dean, then make sure your voice is low and rough when you're talking about how much you love pie. As for Sam? Flip that gorgeous head of hair of yours and dance it out. Bonus Points: If you make adorably awkward faces the entire time.

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The Characters: Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily from Pretty Little Liars

What You'll Need: Three of your most insanely gorgeous friends, each with an impeccably unique fashion sense: Your Emily should be sporty and comfortable, your Spencer should be preppy and polished, your Hanna should be edgy and glam, and your Aria should be girlie and eclectic. Bonus Points: If you have another friend silently walk behind you in a black hoodie.

What to Bring: Definitely come armed to any party with cautious smiles and pepper spray. A psychotic stalker has been sending you death threats and making your life miserable — so get into character and don’t be afraid to look terrified.

What to Say: Speak quickly and hushed with your fellow PLL's — for all you know, "A" could be eavesdropping your conversation in that very moment. Just make sure that the Hanna of the group breaks the dramatic dialog with a joke every now and then.

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The Character: Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation

What You'll Need: There are absolutely no frills with this costume. Pick out the manliest thing in your closet — preferably a dark-colored collared shirt and khakis — and make sure your mustache is impeccably groomed.

What to Bring: All of the bacon and eggs you have — all of them — and then proceed to eat them in front of everyone without sharing a single bite. If your so-called "friends" have a problem with this, then they clearly should be shunned from your life, along with skimmed milk, vegetarians, and the government.

What to Say: Here are a few of our all-time favorite Ron Swanson sayings: "I'm not interested in caring about people." "Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing." And "Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are useless." And if you can't remember any of those quotable gems, declare your love for breakfast foods, steak, fishing, and how much being far away from people makes you happy. Bonus Points: If you call people by the wrong name, so they know just how little you care about them.

Which badass TV character are you going to be dressing up as this Halloween? Sound off in the comments below or share your TV costume pictures with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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