'Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards on the 'Scars' of Felicity's Past and If She'll Suit Up in the Future!

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It's time for the Smoak to clear.

You know her as the bubbly, yet brilliant, hacker on Arrow, but Felicity has a deep, dark past that has been kept under wraps for the past three seasons — until now. On tonight's all new episode of the smash CW series, fans are finally getting a peek into the mysterious life of pre-Team Arrow Felicity, and let's just say her look is not the only thing that has drastically changed.

ETonline recently chatted with the incredibly talented Emily Bett Rickards and after getting the scoop on which hunky superhero Felicity should choose, we dove right into her mommy-issues, the "scars" of her past, and whether or not she'd like to see Miss Smoak suit up in the future.

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"I'm excited for fans to see when she sort of wanted to become a hero," Rickards said of tonight's highly anticipated flashback episode. "We get to see sort of where some of her scars originated from." (An interesting choice of words given that in season two, Felicity felt left out of Team Arrow due to the fact that she had no physical scares on her body to wear as a badge of honor — well until she got shot, of course.)

While Felicity has only briefly mentioned her tumultuous relationship with her mother, we now finally get to meet Donna (played by NYPD Blue's Charlotte Ross)when she takes a break from her cocktail waitress job in Vegas to pay her daughter a visit.

"They're so different," Rickards stressed. "But they do have one thing in common: They both care very deeply. I think that's where her emotional intellect and her emotional IQ comes from. I think it's important to realize that and I think Felicity realizes it in this upcoming episode."

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Although we're bummed that the mysteries surrounding the identity of Felicty's father will not be explored we're excited to get to know more about the woman who raised our beloved character.

Onto the secret stuff: What would happen if Donna discovered her daughter's dangerous night job as a member of Team Arrow? "I think her mom would be a fan-girl about it!" Rickards said with a laugh. "I think she'd be really excited and proud, but also realizing the dangers that she's putting herself in."

The 23-year-old actress continued, "I think Felicity would never want her mom to know because of the worry it would create and the stress it could put on her, so I don't think she'll find out and if she does, it'll be by mistake."

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When the plans for tonight's' episode were originally unveiled at ComicCon, the initial title of the hour was "Oracle" — a tease that send fans into a full-on frenzy due to the fact that many have been speculating that our former IT gal could evolve into the beloved comic book heroine of the same name. Since then the episode has been changed to, "The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak."

Rickards explained that although she's optimistic for what Felicity's future holds, she happy with her character's current pace. "I like the fact that Felicity is Felicity," she spilled. "I kind of want her to be the only normal one — well obviously she's not normal by any means because she's extremely dedicated and I think that's admirable — but I think that she's inspiring. I like the way she's growing now."

But that's not to say that Felicity would turn down the opportunity to step up and kick some ass if/when that happens. "I mean I don’t think she'd be opposed to it," she explained. "It's just more if the timing is right. She's kind of already a hero in a different sense, but I like where she is and I like where she's going — wherever that may be."

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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