Watch the Original Pink Power Ranger Singing in the Street - in Costume


How's this for a '90s throwback: the original pink Power Ranger, in costume, singing in the street.

Amy Jo Johnson got back in the pink suit for the first time publicly since leaving the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers behind back in 1995, in an effort to drum up support for her directorial debut. Johnson has been busy on social media campaigning for funds, harnessing the power of crowdsourcing for her next film.

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After surpassing her goal of $75,000 (Johnson is now aiming for a stretch goal of $125,000 through the end of the campaign on Nov. 23), the actress/singer hit the streets of Toronto to deliver on a promise of performing in her pink Power Rangers costume.

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These days, Amy is known for far more than her Power Rangers role. An accomplished musician, Amy also starred in Felicity, Flashpoint and recently recurred on Covert Affairs. You can see a sneak peek of her directorial ambitions here.

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