EXCLUSIVE! Jared Padalecki is a Nerd, Jensen Ackles is a Fashionista and More 'Supernatural' Secrets!

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Raise the curtain — it's time to celebrate 200 episodes of hunters, monsters, angels and demons!

In honor of tonight's landmark episode of Supernatural, ETonline is spilling exclusive scoop from everyone's favorite brothers Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles and it's guaranteed to make any Winchester fangirl absolutely freak out.

The guys were more than happy to share not one, but two hilarious secrets that you never knew about each of our demon-hunting actors.

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After all, when a show has been on the air for ten years and the plot centers on the trials and tribulations of two brothers, it's only natural that the co-stars would become incredibly close. Even better, when it comes to Padalecki and Ackles, the word "close" doesn't even begin to describe their bromantic bond, making their secrets that much better!

First up: Ackles revealed an unknown fact about his gorgeous-haired best friend: " I out all of his flaws to everybody," the actor spilled to ETonline in Vancouver last month. "It's his strengths that I don’t tell anyone about, and that's just because he's a buddy of mine, and you never brag about your buddy."

"But if I was going to reveal a secret I would say that he is the nerdiest mathematician that I have ever met in my life!" Ackles continued, "This guy throws out like percentages, and decimals, and numbers, and it's just like, 'Jared what's 16 percent of 4200?' and he's like, 'Boom! Number!' And I'm like, 'You're such an idiot — I guess idiot is the wrong word — you're such a nerd!'"

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Now it's time to turn the tables! Padalecki exposed that when it comes to his co-star — fans should always look twice at what Ackles wearing. "He love to dress up," the former Gilmore Girls star said with a laugh.

"Not like fishnets and make-up, but I think when he heard that we had a 200th episode party, he was the happiest guy on the planet," he explained. "He got to go try on a nice suit, and any excuse to buy a suit and do Ocean's 11 is his wet dream."

Woah! TMI, Jared? Naaaah!

The Supernatural stars also revealed that their close-knit bond was instantaneous — they fell into a bromance the very first time they met! "We were just children," Ackles reminisced of their first encounter at a Warner Bros. chemistry read in 2004. "I walked in and expected to see five other guys reading for the role of Dean, and I see this one gangly-looking, long-haired frat boy, with his long hair and his hoodie."

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After bonding over their home state of Texas, and realizing that they both were huge fans of the Dallas Cowboys football team, Padalecki explained that they were confused as to why no other guys were at the audition. "Finally they walk into the room and they were like, 'Hey guys follow us,' and we walk into this room at Warner Bros. and we do this scene," he said, "It was in front of 20 or 30 super high powered execs and it's a terrifying room."

"We walk out and we're like, 'F-ck! I thought that went well but no one said anything,' and then we're thinking, 'And where the fuck is everybody else?!'" Padalecki continued, "So we get back in and everybody stands up and starts clapping and they go, 'You've got a TV show.' — I get chills thinking about it."

Ackeles agreed that it was of his biggest life-changing moments. "That was it. And then it was so easy," he said. "It was like immediately, 'Oh I've got best friends that are exactly like you!' and vice versa so good job, Network, on pairing us up together." Awww!

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Over the past ten years Supernatural fandom has always been wildly supportive of each and every episode of the series, so it's only natural that the 200th would be a love letter to the fans in the form of an all-girls school play.

"It's just so cool," Padalecki gushed. "The fans have been asking for a musical for many, many years. It was a nice was to kind of give a salute to the fans and keep it true to Supernatural and true to Sam and Dean but give you what you wanted."

Ackles on the other hand, was not too excited when he first received the script. "Reading it I was holding my breath. I was like, 'Oh no, here we go — we are tipping the hat way too much to the fans,'" he explained.

'But then after seeing what Phil [Sgriccia], our director, conceptualized and what he was doing, I really became excited about it," Ackles said. "The guest cast they had really knocked it out of the park and I think it's what's going to make it a hit."

The 200th episode of Supernatural airs Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 9 p.m. on The CW.