Will Candy Spelling Ruin her Granddaughter's Birthday Party on 'True Tori'?


Tori Spelling and mom Candy have had very public ups and downs, and on the next episode of Tori's relationship-repair reality show, True Tori, it's apparent that the relationship is currently on a downswing.

At the third birthday party for Tori and Dean's daughter Hattie, a happy occasion becomes volatile when uninvited guest Tatum O'Neal lashes out at an ailing Tori.

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A stress-caused migraine preceded Candy's arrival, with Tori saying, "My mom and I have a really complicated relationship. We see each other when it's appropriate -- for the children -- and they come into play. I don't want them to not see their grandmother. She's a part of their lives. But at the same time, we don't have this relationship where we actively work on anything. We kind of just push it aside, both of us. And there's always an awkwardness."

The awkwardness started right off the bat when Candy showed up with new BFF Tatum, who Candy reportedly met recently at a hair salon.

"This is turning into the weirdest 3-year-old's birthday party ever," said Dean. "I don't know why she brought Tatum O'Neal -- just a really odd choice."

By the time Candy and Tatum made it to the party, Tori had already retreated to her bedroom due to her migraine. When Candy and Tatum were greeted by Dean and not Tori, Tatum decided to enlighten Dean on party etiquette.

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"I think that Tori should come down and say hi to her mom," said Tatum, who reportedly looks at Candy as a mother figure, having lost her own mother, Joanna Moore, in 1997. "It just would look better."

This situation is supposedly the event that inspired Tori's cryptic text in October which read: "Sadly I've finally faced truth that 1 person will never be there 4 me #TrueToriFollow."

Watch the clip to see the dramatic confrontation. The next episode of True Tori airs Dec. 2 on Lifetime.