'New Girl' Sneak Peek: Forget the Turkey! Schmidt Wants You to Celebrate 'Bangsgiving'


Gather 'round New Girl fans because it's time to give thanks for one very important new holiday: Bangsgiving.

Ever since Friends left us, we've been waiting for a show to deliver consistently amazing Thanksgiving episodes, and luckily, New Girl has really stepped up to the (dinner) plate with this Tuesday's all-new episode.

Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is once again on a quest to get each and every one of his roommates laid before the cold dark season of winter descends. ("Nobody meets anybody in fall or winter. What, are you gonna gamble on the unknown contents of a bulky sweater?")

To help get you ready for your new favorite holiday, ETonline has your sneak peek at New Girl's hilarious sex-promoting feast.

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Let's take a look at the dating line-up, shall we? Winston (Lamorne Morris) is setting Coach (Damon Waynes Jr.) up with Pepper, one of his police academy peers who is rocking some of the biggest she-guns we have ever seen. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is hooking Winston up with the lunch lady from her school, but sadly she does not bring any tater tots to their Thanksgiving feast.

Meanwhile, Schmidt is paired up with a pretty, but dim-witted anti-seminist (i.e."You're really sexy for a Jew.") And we're definitely not going to spoil the identity of Nick's (Jake Johnson) Bangsgiving partner, but we can say that it's without a doubt the best pairing of the night.

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And as for Jess? Coach decided to ruffled her feathers by inviting Ryan (Julian Morris), aka the British mega-hottie from her school that she is not allowed to date. Not to worry, New Girl lovers — Jess just can't seem to resist that across-the-pond accent either. She even taunts him whilst only dressed in an apron and oven mitts and gifts us with this perfect line: "Just a little white meat looking for some gravy… that probably wasn't very sexy."

For more on tonight's fourth annual Thanksgiving episode of New Girl take a look at our sneak peek preview above with inside scoop from executive producer Dave Finkel.

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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