Your Handy Drinking Guide For Watching 'Peter Pan Live!'


Allison Williams says she does not want you to hate-watchPeter Pan Live!.

Instead of doing that, she recommends you "just go ahead and take those lenses out of your glasses and put in the lenses that you had when you were six." Well, we don't know where those lenses are but we do have some drunk goggles — and we've created this handy drinking to help!

So grab your friends, curl up with your favorite adult beverage, and meet us on the second star to the right tonight at 8 p.m. because we'll be drinking straight on till mornin.

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Take a Sip Every Time...

- Someone breaks into song.
- You criticize Allison Williams' British accent.
- Someone flies for the first time. (Or just flies at all!)
- You can't stop starring at Wendy's enormous bangs.

Take Two Sips Every Time…

- You see Tinkerbell and wish she wasn't just a ball of computer-generated light.
- You witness spirit fingers in a dance.
- You'd want to disown a Lost Boy if you ever met him in real life.

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Take Three Sips Every Time…

- You see Christian Borle and miss the ridiculousness of Smash.
- You see a mermaid, Indian, or crocodile for the first time.
- Christopher Walken kind of just shuffles his feet while everyone behind him is in perfectly synchronized choreography.

Take a Shot Every Time…

- There's a noticeable mistake (It's live, people!)
- You think to yourself, "Seriously? There is no way we're supposed to believe that Allison Williams is a pre-pubescent boy."
- Nana the dog appears in a scene. (Chug if the dog does not follow his commands!)

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- For the duration that you're supposed to believe in fairies to save Tinkerbell's life.
- Whenever Christopher Walken looks so over it. Stop drinking once the camera switches to another character.

Peter Pan Live! airs Thursday, Dec. 4 at 8 p.m. on NBC