James Franco Reveals the Real Reason Why He's Hosting 'SNL'


This Saturday, James Franco will be taking the Studio 8H stage for his third time hosting Saturday Night Live.

In this extended promo for the upcoming episode, Franco reveals the real reason behind his return to late-night sketch comedy.

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"With all the terrible things going on in the world, I just want to give people a night where they can forget about their problems and laugh," Franco explains to SNL cast member Cecily Strong.

"That is so sweet," Strong responds. "I do this show just to get laid."

Leaning in towards Cecily, Franco whispers, "Yeah, me too. It's just that that speech makes it a lot easier."

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Between earning multiple MFA degrees, directing several feature films, getting a giant Elizabeth Taylor tattoo on his head, appearing nude on reality television shows, starring on daytime soap operas, publishing collections of his short stories, getting a star on the Walk of Fame and angering a foreign leader with his upcoming comedy The Interview, it seems like Franco won't be able to find time for romance.

Not that it's stopped him from awkwardly trying to hook up with random people on Instagram.

But he has managed to carve out some time in his busy schedule to once again bring his comedic stylings to SNL.

Will you watch him host on Saturday, Dec. 6, at 11:30 p.m. on NBC? 

On a serious note, this has been a bit of a sad year for SNL after loosing former cast member Jan Hooks in October and the passing of long-time announcer Don Pardo in August. Check out the video below for our tribute to Pardo, whose career spanned seven decades.

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