Katherine Heigl's 'State Of Affairs' Fact-Checked By The CIA's Awesome Twitter


When you're writing a show about the CIA, it's important that you get your facts straight -- not because you'll get in legal trouble, but because the CIA's official Twitter account will go out of their way to embarrass you.

In Katherine Heigl's
new political drama State Of Affairs, the 36-year-old star plays a CIA analyst named Charleston Tucker who presents the President's Daily Brief, or PDB.

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While the show focuses on the intricacies of espionage, the CIA is focusing on fact-checking the NBC drama in an attempt to "counter popular myths and misconceptions," a CIA spokesperson told TMZ.

On Monday, Dec. 1, the CIA responded to a scene in which Heigl presents President Constance Payton (Alfre Woodard) with her PDB, which is a folder stuffed with sheets of paper. According to the CIA, the real PDB is now presented on a tablet.

In fact, the CIA took the opportunity to give a brief history of the PDB.

And now you know everything you could have ever want to know about the PDB.

In fact, you can learn a lot about spying just by keeping up with the CIA's frequent tweets. Everything from the importance of dead drops…

To enigma machines…

And even an audio spying device called the "belly buster."

Also, if you read the CIA's tweets out of order and without context, they can sound super scary.

State of Affairs
airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC. For more lessons in espionage, check out the CIA's official Twitter around the same time, or check out what a day in Jack Ryan spy school looks like in the video below.

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